Everyone deserves the same level of service and integrity.  We realize that people appreciate the little things, from personally answering the phone when someone calls to taking the necessary time during a meeting to understand each person individually or as a family.  Over time you will notice that there is a big difference between just having an investment adviser versus having a relationship with someone who you know is truly keeping an eye on your portfolio and acting in your best interest.  As a fiduciary, we want to ensure that you are covered in all aspects of your financial life.  We want to be there for you not only if you have long-term questions about pension, taxes, real estate, social security, and healthcare, but also if you have immediate concerns such as relocating, inheriting an estate, changing careers, or going through a divorce.  We are also there as a mentor for your children and those around you who need guidance getting started on the right financial path.

Our team specializes in working with successful professionals and business owners who are nearing retirement or who aspire to a work-optional lifestyle.  Through years of refinement, we have developed a process that puts together all pieces of the financial puzzle.  Our conservative and comprehensive approach will outline realistic expectations and put in place a relevant action plan that is updated periodically (both before and after retirement) in order to optimize our clients' objectives.

One characteristic that is unique to our firm is that we chose to maintain a 1:50 ratio of advisors to clients.  Where many advisors maintain well over 100 clients, our primary goal is to provide a superior commitment to the select group of clients we work with.  As such, it is important to our team that we work with those who share our values.  The right fit tends to be those who are humble and honest people.  They are advocates of what we do and the value we provide.  They are engaged in our process and respect our philosophy.  They tend to have positive personalities, but are also very realistic in their views.  They focus on what we are worth rather than what we cost.  They are smart, yet at the same time, they realize that they cannot do everything themselves.  They have confidence in allowing us to manage all of their assets under one umbrella.

Sometimes the most important benefit to a client is knowing that their spouse or loved one is taken care of if anything were to happen to them.  In realizing that it is not all about investments, many times you find that people want simplicity and to know that there is someone there to count on through every stage of their life.