Does your firm have a minimum portfolio size?

When entering into a new client relationship, RWS typically requires a minimum portfolio size of $500,000 in order to offer a client with the full range of services that RWS provides.  However, since there are many variables associated with an individual's financial situation, RWS at its discretion, may waive the minimum portfolio size requirement.


Who will I be working with?

Please note that our firm works as a collaborative team.  This means that we all follow the same financial planning and investment planning process, along with the same recommendations which are customized to each client.  However, to ensure that we provide each client with an even amount of attention and support, it is necessary that we share our client base among all our advisors.  If you have a preference, you can always request for your main point of contact to be the advisor of your choice.


Where are client assets held?

Most, if not all, independent firms use a reputable custodian to hold client assets.  This provides a level of checks and balances between the advisory firm (RWS) and the custodian.  For your protection, our firm has chosen Charles Schwab & Co. to be the independent custodian.  RWS never takes possession of client assets.  While we are listed as the advisor on your account, your statements and all money movement will take place through the custodian.  Our clients appreciate this as they are able to maintain a relationship with a local business, while having all the assurances of a larger custodian behind the scenes.


How can I track my accounts?

In addition to your monthly statements, our quarterly discussions, and annual meetings, you can always view your accounts online at  There is also a convenient Charles Schwab App that you can download on your phone for immediate access.


How do we get paid?

As a fee-only advisory firm, we only get paid based on a flat percentage of assets under our management.  The greatest benefit to this approach is that there is no incentive to recommend one investment over another; everything we suggest is because we feel it is in the best interest of the client.  This form of compensation also places us on the same side of the table in the sense that if your account increases in value, our salary increases.  On the contrary, if your account decreases in value, so does our salary. 

Our fee is all encompassing.  We do not charge extra for our in-depth planning services.  We are also qualified to manage all of our clients' investments in-house, which means we do not have to outsource and have the client incur the added costs involved with hiring a third party to manage the money.  Another benefit to our clients is that we do not charge extra to give advice on 401(k) allocations, 529 plans, Health Savings Accounts, ABLE accounts, etc.

We understand the importance of transparency.  As such, you will always see the fee reflected quarterly on your statements.