Successful Professionals

Success can come from various professions, however there is commonality among those who have been able to save beyond $1 million. Above all, they want to ensure that they make smart decisions with their money. They want to mitigate taxes as much as possible; see that their heirs are taken care of; and protect their assets from being unjustly taken by litigation, divorce, or death. For those with a deep passion for helping others and leading a life of significance, they want to understand the best strategies for supporting loved ones and how to maximize their charitable gifts. It is our job to navigate the options surrounding advanced planning through wealth preservation, wealth enhancement, and wealth transfer. When looking to reduce your lifetime tax bill, a potential conversation may include the benefits of Roth conversions, credit shelter trusts, health savings accounts, proper titling of assets and insurance, gifting, social security and pension optimization, backdoor Roth strategies, wealth protection, and tax efficient investing. Also discussed may be the application of donor advised funds, qualified charitable distributions, and charitable trusts.

Business Owners

Business owners, along with many real estate entrepreneurs, are faced with a unique set of challenges. That said, they are also able to uncover many opportunities that are not always available to the general public. We enjoy diving into the various factors that may affect your business, from defined benefit plans and deferred sales trusts to business valuation and succession planning. Whether it be a business or a property, a further conversation could revolve around capital gains planning, depreciation, 1031 exchanges, opportunity zones, Delaware Statutory Trusts, and cost segregation. Regardless of the topic, it is important to remember that our job goes beyond investments. An advisor is there to help simplify your life, enhance your overall net worth, create more tax-efficiency, incorporate proper legacy strategies, and allow for more comprehensive planning as a means to optimize your retirement. And although no advisor is an expert in every field, we must know what to look for, understand what makes sense at what time, and coordinate with, if not build, your team of professionals.